humps_you (humps_you) wrote,

The next step

Title: the next step
Paring: Gerard/Mikey, though they aren't brothers.
Rating: PG (duh, hello it's for school
Disclaimer: don't own, never happened. I would like to say however that I did steal a line from mercurysmile_'s "Wait".
AN: it's really short but I don't have a whole lot of room on the paper they gave us to write it down on so it had to be.

I could still hear his voice, echoing inside my head everytime I closed my eyes. With every breath I took.

Haunting me.

I suppose that's the way he would have wanted it. For him to be teh one to move on and start a new life, and for me to be the on still here.

Still thinking about him. Still hung up on everything about him.

Still in love with him.

He always did like to be wanted. He loved being the center of attention, the life of the party. The guy everyone either wanted to be or wanted to be with.

But he chose me.

He chose me and to this day I still don’t know why. Why would someone as perfect as him want to be with me?

I’m the type of guy who only goes to parties because my friends drag me to them. And once there, instead of dancing and having fun, I sit alone, out on the back porch, drink in hand (non-alcoholic thank you), watching the stars. I’ve always loved stars.

That’s how we met, Gerard and me. I was sitting out on the back steps at some party, drink in hand, a cigarette in the other. He sat down next to me, carefully pulling the cigarette from my fingers and bringing it to his lips, taking a drag. I only watched him, his eyes on mine as he inhaled, pouting his lips slightly.

He pulled the cigarette from his lips and let his hand rest against his knee as it dangled from his fingers. He let the smoke out through his nose in one quick breath, studying me quietly before speaking, his voice barely above a whisper.

‘I’ve noticed you around, at a few parties. You’re always by yourself. Why?’ I continued to watch him, contemplating how to answer.

‘I’m not really into drinking or dancing,’ I paused, ‘I only come to these parties because my friends drag me to them.’

He smiled, ‘Well, I’m glad they do.’

I frowned and turned my body towards his slightly, ‘Why?’

He leaned forward, his cheek brushing against mine as he whispered in my ear. ‘I wouldn’t have met you otherwise.’

He pulled back and smiled again, before lightly pressing his lips to mine.

The kiss only lasted a second but seemed so much longer. Time was at a stand still and all I could feel was him.

He pulled back. ‘I’m Gerard.’

I smiled for the first time that night. ‘Mikey.’

For the next few months everything was perfect. We were so in love, at least I was. At that time I felt as if nothing could go wrong.

It was on our one-year anniversary that he left me. I came home to find that he’d simply packed his things and moved out while I was a work. He didn’t even have the decency to tell me it was over to my face.

Or even to tell me it was over all together. He only left me a letter, or note rather. A single sheet of paper left on my pillow on our bed. A single sheet of paper adorned only with a single sentence.

”You remind me of the stars.”

He left me and moved on with his life. And while I still love him I guess the next step is for me to do the same.
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